19th International Conference


Wednesday, September 16

19:3021:30120EAB Award ceremony and BIOSIG online welcome reception

Thursday, September 17

10:0010:1010Christoph Busch (Hochschule Darmstadt)BIOSIG Conference Opening
Christoph Busch10:1010:4030Naser Damer (Fraunhofer IGD)The Effect of Wearing a Mask on Face Recognition Performance: an Exploratory Study
10:4011:1030Fernando Alonso-Fernandez (Halmstad University)Soft-Biometrics Estimation In the Era of Facial Masks
 11:4512:1530Manuel Günther (Universität Zürich)Watchlist Adaptation: Protecting the Innocent
12:1512:4530Lazaro Janier Gonzalez-Soler (Hochschule Darmstadt)Fisher Vector Encoding of Dense-BSIF Features for Unknown Face Presentation Attack Detection
 13:5514:2530Jannis Priesnitz (Hochschule Darmstadt)Touchless Fingerprint Sample Quality and Biometric Performance Prediction: Prerequisites for the Applicability of NFIQ2.0
14:2514:5530Johannes Schuiki (University of Salzburg)Improved Liveness Detection in Dorsal Hand Vein Videos using Photoplethysmography
KEYNOTE15:3016:1040John Boyd (DHS-OBIM, U.S.)Identity: Asset or Liability?
Arslan Brömme16:1016:4030Iurii Medvedev (University of Coimbra)Biometric System for Mobile Validation of ID And Travel Documents
16:4017:1030Christian Rathgeb (secunet)Simulation of Print-Scan Transformations for Face Images based on Conditional Adversarial Networks
Christian Rathgeb17:1018:4090Poster Session 
   p-1Jascha Kolberg (Hochschule Darmstadt)Efficiency Analysis of Post-quantum-secure Face Template Protection Schemes based on Homomorphic Encryption
   p-2Ana F. Sequeira (INESC TEC)A robust fingerprint presentation attack detection method against unseen attacks through adversarial learning
   p-3Ali Khodabakhsh (NTNU)A Generalizable Deepfake Detector based on Neural Conditional Distribution Modelling
   p-4Hoang Nguyen (University of Missouri)Eyebrow Recognition for Identifying Deepfake Videos
   p-5Dirk Siegmund (Fraunhofer IGD)Face Presentation Attack Detection in Ultraviolet Spectrum via Local and Global Features
   p-6Philipp Terhörst (Fraunhofer IGD)Privacy Evaluation Protocols for the Evaluation of Soft-Biometric Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
   p-7Michael Linortner (University of Salzburg)Minutiae-based Finger Vein Recognition Evaluated with Fingerprint Comparison Softwar
   p-8Mahshid Sadeghpour (RMIT University)Application of affine-based reconstruction to retinal point patterns
   p-9Malak Alamri (University of Southampton)Facial Profile Recognition Using Comparative Facial Soft Biometrics
   p-10Tommy Bergmann (Hochschule Mittweida)Development and empirical optimization of an electrochemical analysis cell for the visualization of latent fingerprints and their chemical adhesives
   p-11Praveen Kumar Chandaliya (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)ChildFace: Gender Aware Child Face Aging
   p-12Mathias Hedberg (NTNU)Effects of sample stretching in face recognition
   p-13Olaf Henniger (Fraunhofer IGD)On the assessment of face image quality based on handcrafted features
   p-14Juan Tapia (Universidad de Santiago)Toward to Reduction of Bias for Gender and Ethnicity from Face Images using Automated Skin Tone Classification
   p-15Fadi Boutros (Fraunhofer IGD)Towards Enhancing the Accuracy and Efficiency of Cross-Smartphone Periocular Verification Using Knowledge Distillation
   p-16Daniel Fischer (Hochschule Darmstadt)Can Generative Colourisation Help Face Recognition?
 18:4021:10150 Social Event

Friday, September 18

KEYNOTE9:009:4040Shiguang Shan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)Towards Domain-invariant Face Presentation Attack Detection
 9:4010:1030Ali Khodabakhsh (NTNU)Unit-Selection Based Facial Video Manipulation Detection
 10:1010:4030Sandip Purnapatra (Clarkson University)Longitudinal study of voice recognition in children Sandip
 11:1511:4530Hoang Nguyen (University of Missouri)Eyebrow Deserves Attention: Upper Periocular Biometrics
 11:4512:1530Ehsaneddin Jalilian (University of Salzburg)End-to-end Off-angle Iris Recognition Using CNN Based Iris Segmentation
 12:1512:4530Sashi Saripalle (PayPal)Recognition in Postmortem Enucleated Eyes
 13:5514:2530João Ribeiro Pinto (INESC TEC)Explaining ECG Biometrics: Is It All In The QRS?
 14:2514:5530Ali Khodabakhsh (NTNU)Action-Independent Generalized Behavioral Identity Descriptors for Look-alike Recognition in Videos
 14:5515:2530Deepak Yeleshetty (University of Twente)3D Face Recognition for Cows
 15:4516:0015Jim Wayman (U.S. National Biometric Test Centre)Update on the IET Biometrics Journal
KEYNOTE16:0016:4040Reza Derakhshani (Zoloz, U.S.)Mobile Biometrics: Translating Research into Practice
 16:4016:5010Christoph Busch (Hochschule Darmstadt)Awards/ Closing Remarks